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VIETTRUONG, with many year's experience in processing and exporting clam, has built a reputation brand in worldwide market.
Our factory located in North part of Vietnam - where has large material supplying area, clam supplying capacity could reach 400,000 MT per year
VIETTRUONG has got the large packer of clam in our area with processing capacity of 60 MT per day.
VIETTRUONG maintains the commitment to provide superior products quality to our clients. It must be sand free, no broken pieces or no clam dead inside shell….

Specially, recognizing that microbiological control is the fundamental factor most; we apply integrated cooking system to any specification of clam such as Bulk, Vacuum or IWP… to eliminate completely bacteria inside clam. These are of importance to maintain the prestige and reputation of processor Market

Main market: EU, USA, countries of North American, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hongkong,… through the distribution channel


+ Frozen Whole Clam: IQF Raw Clam, vacuuming; vacuumed Clam, IQF Frozen Cooked, … or customer’s requirement

+ Frozen Cooked Clam Meat